Swift Center for Innovation and Design
 In 2010, Aubrey’s End Foundation funded a group of educators’ and students’ dream at the Middle School of the Kennebunks in Kennebunk, Maine. This dream was one that shared many of the same values of the Aubrey’s End Foundation, providing young minds a creative space with the most advanced learning tools and programming available. Thus, the flagship Swift Center for Innovation and Design was born. This Swift Center for Innovation and Design is not just a room, it is a place where young minds are educated, and collaborations are sewn into the core of the programming. At the Middle School of the Kennebunks the dedicated faculty, students, and student mentors have seized the opportunity and built it into a wildly successful educational tool. Being placed within a school provides a unique opportunity for the instructors as well as the students. The Swift Center is an Apple Certified Training Center where trainers come from all over the world to further the staff's knowledge from the local school district and members of the community up to date on the latest Apple products. In 2013 RSU 21, local school district, certified over twenty-five of their staff in the iWork suite and a select few students-- some of the youngest in the country to complete such a certification. In the news:
Middle School of the Kennebunks Design Student Turned Mentor
GREEN Room Project Recognized by Apple
Middle School of the Kennebunks Design Project Recognized by Apple Inc.
GREEN Room Project Honored Again
Nonantum Project Receives National Award
Examples of Students Work
Examples of student work  Nationally, the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiative is growing at an exponential rate. This is recognized by the faculty at the Middle School of the Kennebunks. They also recognize the benefit of having a center dedicated to innovation and design on site. The faculty and administration are constantly adjusting the programming and utilizing the resources provided by the Swift Center. Most recently, the Swift Center purchased 3-D printers, and have developed a course held at the Swift Center to teach students how to use these printers in real life applications. Over the past six years, the Swift Center has grown into something more than what was initially thought possible. Students have met and exceeded expectations in responding to “real life challenges” embedded in the philosophy of the Aubrey's End Foundation. This forward thinking and positive momentum is something that we believe can, and should, benefit more students across the nation. It is our goal, through collaborative efforts, to expand this program throughout Maine, New England, and the United States.
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Apple Authorized Training Center  All of this knowledge has been incorporated into the Swift Center and its programming. For example, Art and Tech, an advanced graphic arts course, teaches a valuable skill set using the latest Adobe suite of products to students beginning at grade seven. These students work collaboratively with other classes that complete projects that help benefit the school and the community. One of the most notable projects completed each year is the GREEN Room Project. This is a collaborative effort between the Art and Tech classes, as well as the Talented Art Program at Middle School of the Kennebunks. Each year the students are given a budget by a local hotel and resort to redesign a given number of rooms using sustainable resources. In addition to this, the students work within the Swift Center to create informational pamphlets distributed to the guests that stay within these rooms, as well as podcasts with tourism information about the surrounding area (Kennebunkport, Maine). The GREEN Room Project has been recognized by Apple for the last six consecutive years as an Apple Distinguished Program and earned the honor of being named an Apple Distinguished School.  Programming during the school day is only one entity of the Swift Center. After school, motivated students have taken to creating their own graphic design business gaining experience as graphic designers, making the Swift Center self sustainable. Through this program, students have completed projects for the local Education Foundation, Kennebunk Parks and Recreation Department, Corning International Corporation, and many more.